Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This week I will be continuing our streetsounds theme with Electro 7 and tracks from 1985 including some more Roxanne answer tracks, and the Fly feud with Boogie Boys and Pebblee Poo + a few more fly replies. Come by and join me

K.C And Shiek _ Just kickin' it
Divine Sounds - How Fast Money Goes 
Almighty 3 - To The Other M.C.'s
Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Knucklehead Rappers
The Boogie Boys - Fly Girl
Electro 7 - Side 2 
The Great - Oh Girl (I Wanna Rock Your World)
Steady B - Just Call Us Def
D.W. & The Party Crew - Rappin' Roxy 
Bambi And Mr. Freeze - Let Us Entertain You
Crush Groove - Yo My Little Sister (Roxanne's Brothers) 
Death City Boyz - Bopsey Twins (X-Rated Version)
Tanganyika - I'm Little Roxanne
Progression - Tom-Tom
M.C. Shan - Feed The World
Gigolo Tony & Lacey Lace - The Parents Of Roxanne
Pebblee Poo- A Fly Guy
April B - The Fly Reply 
Madamoselle Boogie Girl Lace - A Fly Girl (Party Version)
Bad Boys feat. K Love - Mission
Dr. Freshh - Outlaw's Dance
Sparky D - Roxanne You're Thru
Roxanne Shanté Vs. Sparky Dee - Round 1 
Sweet Trio - Fly Guy
Cracker Rapper - It's A Bust 
Double Dose - We Got The Beat
Lovebug Starski - The Fight Rap
By Popular Demand - We're B.P.D. By Popular Demand 
Spoonie Gee - New Love Rap
Potato Chips - Roxanne's Real Fat
Electro 7 - Side 1

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Leaving 1984 we enter 1985 with Electro 6 and the first time many of us encountered Roxanne. I have also included some answer records to the Roxanne saga and will be playing a few more next week.

S'kool Girlz & The Boogie - Home Boys
Starchild-You Gotta Believe (Let's Go Mets)
J.S.A. - Society Rap 
Boogie T Rock - Rhapsodic
Kaine - Wisdom Rock 
Mario Van Pleebles - Snack Attack
Newcleus - I Wanna Be A B-Boy 
Ronnie Hudson & The Street People - Going Down 
Electro 6 - Side 1
Dr Rocx & Co. - Do The Roxanne 
Russ Parr - It's Magic 
King of Chill and The Alliance of M.C.s - The Beast Within (Radio Edit)
Busy Bee - Busy Bee's Groove
Boo-Boo B - Boo Boo's Break
Newcleus - Why 
The Boogie Boys - City Life
Ricardo & Chocolate Boogie - Do It Ricardo (Roxanne's Man)
Sweet Trio - Non-Stop
Mercedes Crew - Frightening
Ralph Rolle - Roxanne's A Man
Rama Ft. DJ Kool & MC Johnski - Go Go Get Down 
Grandmaster Flash - Girl Love The Way He Spins
Korner Boys - The Saga Of Roxanne
Electro 6 - Side 2 
Precious Pitt - Millionaire 
Grandmaster Caz - Yvette 
Gigolette - I'm Gonna Rock You
Irvin Lee - Kid Dancer (Part I)
Rocksann - she died
Dynasty & Mimi - Won't You Be My Lady
Run DMC - Jam Master Jammin'
Short Fat Sally & Mac Fresh - Your'e  A Pest
Crash Crew - 2-4-6-8 Here We Are 
Dr.Freshh - Roxanne's Doctor
M.C. Craig G - Shout 
Mantronix - Fresh Is The Word 
Dynamic Breakers & Newcleus - Kim 
Choice M.C.s - Beat of the Street
Overnite Bandits - Roxanne's Baby

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tonight is the last of the 1984 Original Electro Series and we finish with one of my favourites... U.K. Electro (which is primarily Greg Wilson tracks). Come by and join me, or tune in from 8pm GMT on before we enter into 1985

Extra Funk Factory - Air Freshener 
Lady Crush & DJ Jazz - M.C. Perpetrators 
Samaki & The Variations - Can't Stop The Break
The Willesden dodgers - Gunsmoke Breakout (Mix 1)
Face To Face - Run From The Shot (Dub Mix) 
Clarence "Blowfly" Reid - It Takes A Freak 
U.K. Electro (Side 1) 
The Rock Rangers - Country Western Rock (Club Mix)
Starlite & Magic - Just Laugh It Off (Part 2)
California Jones - Rain Forest 
Egyptian Lover - The Lover (Long Version) 
Uncle Jamm's Army - Dial-A-Freak (Original)
Spooge Boy - D-Bop
Palmerforce Two - Street Wars 
Eddie B. & Oscar T. - Where's the Beef
Freestyle (Pretty Tony) - The Party Has Just Begun
Pop Projekt - O-O-O 
Pretty Tony - Jam the Box
Mike Theodore - Hellfire I
Robert Schroeder - Galactic Floor 
Rickey G. & The Everloving Five - To The Max 
Debbie Deb & Pretty Tony - Lookout Weekend
Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power 
U.K. Electro (Side 2) 
Newcleus - Computer Age (Push the Button)

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This weeks sees the release of Crucial Electro 2 in 1984 as we continue our Original Electro Series and also play tracks released in the same year

City Limits & The Mutant Rockers - Keep It On 
Break Machine - Street Dance
CSL & The Boys Next Door - New York Breakdown 
Crucial Electro 2 - Side 1
Alex & The City Crew - Say What Say Who 
Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Renegades Of Funk 
The Unknown DJ & Daniel Sofer - Rappin' 100 Speakers
Jellybean feat. Madonna - Sidewalk Talk
T Ski Valley - It's Just A Groove 
Hassan & 711 - City Life 
Duane Parham & Grandmaster Dre - The Rockin' Place 
U.T.F.O. - Beats And Rhymes
Run D.M.C. - Wake Up
X-Ref - Dream Six O 
Galactic Life force - Loosing Control (B Boys Keep on Rocking)
Rusty P & Sure Shot Three - Breakdown New York Style
Mo-Jo - Jump, Stomp and Twist
White Boy Rapp - White Boy Rapp 
Unknown D.J. - Beatronic (Ghetto Blaster Mix)
Osé - Party Beat (Rap) 
Pacific Side Rappers - O.G. Move 
The Buggers - The Bugger Groove 
Run D.M.C. - 30 Days
West Street Mob - I Can't Stop 
Crucial Electro 2 - Side 2
B Beat Girls - Heart's A Hurricane 
Uptown Express - Creature Feature 
Contact-U - Break It Up 

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