Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The last in our series from 1985 finishes with a blinder... Getting ready for 1986 now so come by and join us on

Newcleus - Cyborg Dance 
The Latin Rascals - Axel F (N.Y. Rap Remix)
Rock Ranger & The With Invisibles - Talk Up Rap Version
Opus 10 - Love's Calling (Vocal Rap)
Newcleus - Let's Jam 
Egyptian Lover - Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
Cousin Ice - Firefly (Dance)
Cargo - Jazz Rap (12" Vocal Mix) 
Thumbs & The Hoestiles - Let's Get Started (Vocal Rap Version)
Diamond 2 Crew - The Prophecy (Breakers Antheme) 
John D. - Electro Bop (Club Version) 
The Case - Rough Cut 
New York vs L.A.Beats - Side 2 (L.A.) 
Boogie T. Rock - I'm A Snob 
Terry Burrus - Mighty Mouth (Va Voom)
Sugar Style - 909 (The Beat Is Mine) 
MEGA-byTE - Chasin' The Rock
Love Force - Party Time (Vocal)
B.T. (A.K.A. Tony Popilon) - Rap Of '85 
Soft Touch - Crime Of Passion
Kurtis Blow - America [Club Version]
Fabulous Freddie Starr-The Beast
New York vs L.A.Beats - Side 1 (New York) 
Magic Trick - Oh! Oh! Fly Guys 
Devastating Duo - The Real Fly Guys 
Mixmaster Gee And The Turntable Orchestra - Like This (Full And Fresh)

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Come by and join us from 8pm GMT on as we play the penultimate release from 1985's Original Electro Series and fill the time in with some other releases from the same year

Beat Box Boys - Yum Yum (Eat 'Em Up) (Conclusion 1) 
Grandmaster Freshh - De American Dream 
AM-FM - Hip Hop (Skable-De-Wop)
Lovebug Starski - Rappin´
Park Avenue - Tear Down The Rock House
The Budda Boys feat. Jumar Starr - Got To Survive (Livin' In The Jungle) 
Dr. Freshh - Life Is A Ghetto
Ebony Dukes - Get Your Mind Together 
Gifted 4 - Sounds of the Mic
Electro 10 - Side 1 
The Empyre - Striking Back
L.A. Dream Team - Calling the Dream Team
Jimmy Spicer - This Is It
Steady B - Take Your Radio 
Members Only Crew - You´re Not Down 
Electro 10 - Side 2
Mr. Slick - Hard Cor 
LL Cool J - That's A Lie
N.Y.C. Crew - We Likes It 
R.J.'s Latest Arrival - Swing Low 
Newcleus - Space Is the Place 
Matt Warren - Rock The Nation 
Charles Turner - Doggin
Herb the k - (Breakin') Super Turf (Hot Dance Mix)
The Concept - Mr. DJ 
Sir Mix-A-Lot - I Just Love My Beat
D.W. and the Party Crew - Freaky Lover 

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

1985 continues with Electro 9 in our series. Come by and join us from 8pm GMT on

High Power - OK I'm Loosing Up
Birdsong & The Dugout Boys - The Sucker MC's 
CRT Corporation - Au To Mation (Club Version)
Dynamite Two - We'll Make You Rock
MCI - Commandments 
929 - Felon Sneakers
Sons Of Harlem Crew - Harlem Rap 
Full Force - Alice, I Want You Just For Me
Lovebug Starski - House Rocker 
Run DMC - King Of Rock
Doctor Rocx & Co. - Takin To The Floor 
Electro 9 (Side 1) 
Choice MC - Brooklyn Style
Cutmaster DC-You Don't Really Want to Battle
Afrika Bambaataa & Family - Funk You (12" Club Mix)
Symbolic Three feat. D.J. DR. Shock - No show
Schoolly D - P.S.K (Qhat Does It Mean)
Grandmaster Melle Mel - King of the Streets
T La Rock - He's Incredible 
Tanganyika - She's got the Beat
Shaquan  - Don't Fess
Eddie D - Backstabbin' 
The Spin Masters - Brothers (Radio Dance)
Lil' Jazzy jay & Cool Supreme - B Boys Style (Club Vocal)
Electro 9 (Side 2)
Miami Squad feat. The Devestating M.C's - Vice Vice Vice 
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Yellow Panties

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Continuing through 1985 we have reached Part 2 and Electro 8. Come by and join us from 8pm GMT on where I will be playing more tracks that were released in the same year

The 3 c's - Fast Boys - Long Version
Crazy Eddie & Jazaq - Come On Party People (Lets Get Down)
G.Q.G. & Slick Sheik - Wild Boys Rapp (Suckers MC's Version)
Dwayne Omarr - Save The Children
Bobby Jimmy-Check Is In The Mail-Dance Version
Sparky D - He's My DJ
Sweet Cookie & Irvin Lee - Heartbreaker 
MC ADE - Bass Rock Express
Electro 8 - Side 1 
Mighty Poppalots - We're Comin' Out
Fat Boys - Chillin' With The Refrigerator 
Sugar Style - Check It Out
Def Rock Krew - Don't Stop 
Maggotron - Escape Devoid
Rich Casson & Galactic Orchestra - Space Connection 2012 (Pt.1)
King M.C. & Future Flash - State of Shock Rapp
Spyder C - Credit Card Fraud
Ms. C. "Rappin" Pittman - The School Of Cool 
Street Queens - Know Your History 
Dana Dane - Nightmares 
Electro 8 - Side 2 
Kimski - Fatal Attractions 
LL Cool J - I Want You
New York City Trooper - Here we go
Donald Dee - Here We Go
Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World 
D.W. & The Party Crew - Street Life 
Grandmaster Flash - Sign Of The Times
Mello-Mackin-D & Mr. Stretch - Back To School (Long Single Mix)

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