Friday, 31 May 2013

D.J. Polo and Kool G Rap- It's A Demo 
Philly Crew featuring Mac-Money - P.S. P.S.K. 
Kotton Kandy - Hit The Studio
Masterdon Committee - Get Off My Tip!
Chapter 3 - The Biters (Party Version)
Salt 'n' Pepa - I Desire
Fresh Brothers Incorporated - Super Def Rhymes 
Chilly B Ware - Hardcore
Awesome MC's - Dumb Man 
Goldie - Get Funky 
B-Boyz - Rock 
Detroit Blue Pigs - Fight The Crime 
King Lovsexx - Mr. T.V. Evangelist (Extended Version Dance Mix) 
Vocalist Brother - It's My World 
Phaze II - City Groove (Beat Box Party Mix)
Micki Dee And The Tru-Crew - Incredible 
Mantronix - We Control the Dice
Z-3 MC's - Triple Threat 
Electro 14 (Side 1)
Professor Rock & RCC Roxbury Crush Crew - Stop Look & Listen
USA Breakers - This Beat Is Hard 
Simply Deft - Drugs
Ultimate GQ - We're Def
3 PM - Money Is King 
Fingerwave Dave - Fingerwave Dave 
I.R.M. crew - I Dream of DJ's 
Original Concept - Knowledge Me (12" Version) 
Sir Mix-A-Lot - I Want A Freak 
Scotty Luv - Cold Rocking It 
Whodini - One Love (Extended Version)
Joe Cool - Check out my Jam 
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Coolin' On The Ave
Almighty RSO Crew - We'll Remember You 
supreme - do you like it
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Guys Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Renard With No Regard feat. Ced What - Lets Crash
Electro 14 (Side 2) 
Stetsasonic - On Fire  
Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew - Stop Dissin' 

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Friday, 24 May 2013

This week it is the turn of Electro 13 and all those memories of UK Fresh '86... Come by and join us from 8pm GMT on for more tracks from 1986

Centripetal Force - Def Rockin 
Cool-L & M.D. - Two 4 Success 
Easy Mike - It's Real 
Active Boys - Mother On My Back 
Fresh Express - Stop (Before You Get Started) 
Goldie - Crack Kid 
Too Short - Bitch Sucks Dick
Jen Yes - Love Games 
Robbie B & Jazzy J - Boogie Down
M.C.-3 - Rap-A-Holic 
Smoove Matty Matt - Rappin' Wrestling 
Paradise - Paradise A Go Go
M.C. B. - Oh Inspector 
Electro 13 - (Side 1)
Bass Patrol - Eddy Mix 
The C.L.O.C. - Searchin' 
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Freddy's Back
Symbolic Three - Extravagant Girls (Long Version)
The Singing M.C. Breeze - Bass & Tone On The Microphone
Tim Greene - Tear Down The Wall 
Emanon -  Susie
K Rock Crew - Betty Lou
Sir Mix-A-Lot - My Studio 
Simply Deft - Drugs 
Two Shades of Black - Soft
Marty T - Cold Mackin'
Joe Ski Love - My Girl 
Stetsasonic - Bust That Groove
Electro 13 - (Side 2)

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Come by and join us in the chatroom, or tune in from 8pm every Monday night on Globalfunkradio as we continue our journey through 1986 and Electro 12 in the Original Street Sounds Series!!!

Disco Dave - Yum Yum Eat Em Up
MC Serch - Melissa 
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - It's The Hip Hop
The Two - The Real Grandmaster
The Most - Some More
Doug E. Fresh - Lovin' Every Minute Of It 
Emanon -  Fresh Beats
Lady L - Ice Cream Dreams
Kotton Kandy - Hit The Studio (Jeep Mix) 
Reality Enterprises - Stick & Move
Crush Force - Buckwheat Dance Rap
Crew Devestation - Good Noyz (Long Version) 
The Krush Kreators and Mike-D - Girls Do It 2
M.C. Breeze - Discombobulatorbubalator 
Righteous Crew - Cocaine 
Electro 12 - (Side 2) 
Starr - Just Say No
Wurd - Bad Breath (Disco Mix) 
TNT - Caught In the Act 
Toney B & The Boys - Check The Mic 
Spice - Dance And Party
Two Shades of Black - We Rock Like Hell
The Deuce Crew - Jammin 
Worse Em - Triple M Bass 
J.W. - Comic Crew 
Rock & Roll - Crackenstein 
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - It's Hype
Electro 12 - (Side 1) 
Bionic Force - Age Of The Atom 
Der Mer - Fall-Out (Fresh '86)
Phantoms Of The Beat - Earthshake 

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

I took a break last week playing a selection of tracks from 1985 whilst I organised the the next set of shows. We start 1986 of the Original Street Sounds Series with Electro 11 so come by and join us from 8pm GMT on

Fats Comet - Dee Jay's Dream 
Bobby B & Dj Slide - Many Women 
Rock Nation Crew - No Respect 
Double Force - Abandoned Places 
The Girl - It's a Crime
Coldcut and Steinski - Beats and Pieces
The Klass - Techno Pop Rock 
Raheem (The Dream) & D.J. Toomp - The Rahim Twins 
Micki Dee And The Tru-Crew - Party People 
Lady Fire and Mr. Freeze - Get Busy 
Spyder-D Feat DJ Doc - I Can't Wait (To Rock The Mike)
Legion - Merlin (Idlers)
Electro 11 (Side 1)
D.J. Mix-O-Rap - Rock This 
Tuf MC's - Ego Maniac
DJ Scratch - World Class
Symbolic Three - Bite It If You Wanna (Long Version) 
UTFO - Split Personality
Easy Mike - Watcha Call A Beat
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Go G. Whiz
Mr. Tuxedo & The Floor Takers - Name Brand Sneakers 
Whodini - Fugitive (Beat Box Mix)
Velore and Double O - Get Loose
MC-3 - Please Be Mine 
Jahneen - Dr. Slumber 
MC Chill - Bust This Rhyme
Mantronix - Listen to the Bass of Get Stupid Fresh, Pt. 2
Vandy C & Bill Blast - V The Viper
Disco Twins & Starchild - There It Is
Boogie Down Productions - Say No Brother (Truth Mix) 
Ace Fly & Duce Fresh - On A Mission 
Biz Markie - Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz
Electro 11 (Side 2)
Dimples Tee - Jealous Fella's 
J.D.C. - Jealous Girls (Street Mix) 
Mighty Mike C - (I'm) Stupid Fresh 
BMW - Chillin'
Sir Mix-A-Lot - I'm A Trip (Total Trip Mix)
Pretty-Pretty aka Sweet P's - Nasty Habits 
Tandi - Jungle (Long Version) 
Tha Swami Scratch - To Be No 1 (Rap Mix)
Import #1 - Set It Off (Party Rock) 
Third Degree - Bass It Baby (Remix)

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