Thursday, 8 August 2013

Finishing off our Original Electro Series is the latest release Crucial Electro 4 mixed by Kurtis Mantronik. I will also be playing tracks from 2012 and 2013 which means we have covered 30 years of Hip Hop / Electro throughout these shows. Come by and join me from 8pm GMT on

The Criminal Minds - Stand Up
Dark Vektor - Espeluztacular
Kurtis Mantronik - Crucial 4 Mastermix 
Debonaire - My Mind Is Going
The Fabreeze Brothers - The Pack Up (Part 1)
London Posse - Money Mad (Wrongtom Remix)
Chrome & Ill Inspired - You Know Who I Am
Latee - Brainstorm (Original Version)
London Posse - Future No.1
Fearless 4 - Club Slappa
Rick Ross - 100 Black Coffins
Baxim - Boyz Get bass
The Hodd - Lit Up (Locust Assault Mix)
Debonaire - The Six Dollar Man
Dogg Master & Busta Brown - Like A Robot (Original Album Version)
Huggy G. Jam - It's Going Off
The Freakazoids - What is a DJ 2012
Maggotron - Masters of the Quadrant
DJ Tom Oliver feat Maggotron - Brazilian Steps
The Freakazoids - Freakazoid Experiments
Freak Force Crew - 80 MF'n 8
Debonaire - Answer To Your Robot
TX - The Roof Is On Fire 
Freestyle feat The Egyptian Lover - All These Girls (Original Mix)
The Bitterati feat. Jabba The Kut - Passive Aggressive
LL Cool J  - Jump On It
Hardnoise - Out Of Control
Cal Alex - Crucial 4 Mastermix 

Download Here

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Not strictly a full mixed album like our previous versions, but on Side 2 there is a megamix of all the tracks on Hip Hop 22 mixed by G Force. So, I thought I would include it. I was also hoping Crucial 4 would be here this week, but alas it isn't so this buys us another week (fingers crossed). Tune in from 8pm GMT on where we will be entering into 1988 and dropping some UK flavour, as well as some classics.

Juss Bad - Free Style
Too Tuff - Why Am I Waiting
Slick Rick - Hey Young World
M.V.P. (a.k.a.The Click) - The Kings Men Are Out To Get Yah
MC Lyte - Kickin' 4 Brooklyn
Sindecut - Can't Get Enough (Of Who)
JC 001 & DJ D-Zire - I Dis Therefore I Am
Masters Of Ceremony - Hard Core
MC duke - I Dont Care Anymore 
Kiss AMC - Kiss AMC
Stereo M.C.'s - No One Good
King Tee - Just Clowning
London Rhyme Syndicate -  My Poetry
Mikey D and the L.A. Posse - Out of Control
Jury - Thank You 
Glamorous - I Know You Want Me 
Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype
Fresh Ski & Mo Rock - Talkin Pays 
Demon boys - Northside
Dolbie D - Loud 'n' Clear
Switzch - So Rock [Recut]
Witchdoctor & Dominating 3 MC's  - R.A.P.
Einstein - Friday Night and Saturday Morning
Einstein - Saturday Morning Part II
Kurtis Blow - Back By Popular Demand (12" Version)
IBM Nation - This Is For The Nation
Overlord X - Rough In Hackney
Ultramagnetic Mc's - Ease Back 
She Rockers - Give It A Rest 
3rd Dynasty - A Got's Ta Get Funky
SWS - our rhymes are fly
The Cobra MCees' - Blow This Town
SL Troopers - Debut (Unarmed, Yet Dangerous)
London Rhyme Syndicate - London Rhyme Syndicate
MC Hammer - Turn This Mutha Out (The Mutha Mix)
Grand Groove - Let's Dance
Bomb The Bass - Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)
The G Force - Hip Hop 22 (Mastermix)
Hijack  - Doomsday Of Rap

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